July 2017

What are the Amenities that Owners of Luxury Apartments Can Enjoy?

Home buyers often prefer purchasing apartments which are units of high-end residential complexes, not only for the flat design and specifications, but also for the amenities provided by the real estate development firm. Renowned real estate development firms offer their

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June 2017

A Few Important Tips for the First Time Homebuyers

With the lowering of home loan interest rates and real estate costs reducing, many people must be thinking about purchasing an apartment. As per a recent survey, it has been found that a large number of people in their 30s

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Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Your First House in Trichy

Buying a house is always a moment of pride. It is, in fact, a dream come true if it’s your first house. There are so many things that go into fulfilling your dream of owning a house. Here are a

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May 2017

Why Buy a 3 BHK Flat in Porur?

The cities of the north, as well as the south, are witnessing a boom in the real estate sector. The reason for this exponential increase in the number of real estate projects can be accredited to different factors. Among numerous

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3 Reasons Why You Should invest in Residential Property

  The realty market has always been the favorite investment destination. Whether you plan to rent it out further or live in there with your family, the property comes as a reliable income source and has all the chances of

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April 2017

Important Points to Consider While Purchasing a Flat in Chennai

  Over the past few years, Chennai has become a thriving Information Technology (IT) hub, with many IT and software firms openings offices and branches in this region. Hence, there has been an influx of individuals from the high-income group

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Why There is a Big Demand From Residents for Properties in Chennai?

The real estate housing sector is seeing its rise again in Chennai recent years even after flood effects. The property sale in Chennai is gaining momentum. The residential real estate sector is offering affordable flat for sales in Chennai. The

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March 2017

Some Points To Consider Before Planning To Buy A Space in Chennai

If you are interested in buying a residential property in South India, then Chennai can be a great option for you. It is situated in the heart of Tamil Nadu and is very well connected to the other parts of

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February 2017

3 Things to Keep in Mind before Buying property In Chennai

Chennai is one of the fastest growing cities in India.  This fast growth is credited to the presence of both the renowned educational centers as well as the multinational companies. Given this, a lot of people are migrating to Chennai

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Investing in Property – 3 Important Factors For a Better Decision

  Real estate is a great sector to invest in. The price of the property tends to rise over time and proves to be a good investment option. Besides, it can generate an ongoing income source. Before you jump into

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