Real estate is an industry that requires voluminous inputs from a wide cross-section of sources within a stringent time frame. To resourcefully meet the growing demands of the industry and contribute significantly to the efficiency of our company, we provide few more services to the construction industry through our sister concerns SPM and ICB.


Suhana Property Management (SPM) is a company established to provide property maintenance services to make real estate ownership a hassle-free experience. Right from managing rental transactions to addressing repairs, SPM takes care of every concern with regard to property maintenance. We offer the best service there is to ensure you a stress-free ownership and a pleasant experience for those who benefit from your property.


Experience affordable lodging at Stay Easy, Chennai’s brand new range of serviced apartments from the city’s largest Villa private property developer. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of neatly furnished apartments in prime locations with modern facilities suitable for both business and leisure stays. Owned and operated by Isha Homes (India) Private Ltd., we work towards striking a balance between affordability and luxury without compromising on the quality.


Isha Concrete Blocks (ICB), an associate company of Isha Homes India Pvt. Ltd., is a manufacturer of construction blocks that are being extensively used in building modern day real estate developments. With experience over the years and extensive knowledge about the industry, ICB has grown into one of the top quality suppliers of building materials to real estate developers, promoters and construction firms in South India.


Zeal Direct And Reinsurance Broking Services Private Ltd. – Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority( the insurance Regulatory Body in India), licensed Insurance broker to do both direct and reinsurance business. It provides professional services to the clients in all their insurance requirements and arrange insurance covers to cater to their needs with the insurers at the optimum cost. And completely involved in the event of claim, by interacting with the insurers, surveyors and other agencies concerned for smooth settlement . The services also include assessment of the risk by their own team and engaging outside professionals in the respective fields of specialisation wherever it is required. We also extend reinsurance services to the clients.

Our team is consisting of senior insurance professionals from the insurance industry with wide, varied and rich experience in handling Giant Corporates both in the public and private sectors.