Advisory Board


We at Isha Homes believe that great team leaders are teammates first.
Hence, we approach each project with collaborative mentality and efforts strongly backed by AN EXPERIENCED AND impressive advisory committee. This advisory committee provides valuable insight and assistance on taking the business further and paving the way forward. Our esteemed Advisory Board consists of eminent personalities from the FIELD OF Legal, ENGINEERING Marketing, SALES, FINANCE & Technical, After regular meetings and brainstorming sessions, the Advisory Board offers its expert advice to the top management for effective business deals and executions.

Managing Director

Managing Director

Team Isha Homes is guided by the values and driven by the philosophy of the firm’s founder. It has been constructing the excellence that Isha homes are displaying since the company’s inception in 2004. His consistent approach to the details makes a difference in delivering the highest quality of work regardless of the project scope.

Over the past decade, he has built a family company with a reputation based on integrity and vision. Known for developing high-quality, well-designed, cutting-edge properties, Isha Homes has developed, acquired, managed and leased some of the best-known homes and premises across the city.

The key to the motivating force behind Isha Homes’ ongoing success is our exceptionally stable core team of highly specialized, competent and experienced engineers, architects, administrators, MARKETING, CRM and legal experts. Each team member of Isha Homes is an individual contributor in delivering outstanding craftsmanship, commitment and communication to each other, to our design partners and eventually, to our clients. From purchase, plans, approvals, construction and delivery, our people ensure smooth progression.

We also take equal pride in nurturing our organization’s culture with ‘Our People’, recognizing their potential and offering them the best productive environment.

It’s the team at Isha Homes that makes it all happen…sincerely & perfectly!