Mr. Raju – Joint Venture Customer

“Mr. Suresh Krishn is a highly disciplined and principled man with admirable integrity and honesty and I had an extremely wonderful experience with Isha Homes. He was directly involved in every little detail and would personally inform me about all the developments.”

Mr. K.N.Radhakrishnan – Joint Venture Customer

“Partnering with Isha for the joint development of my property was one of the best decision of my life. Today my home is a landmark in our locality and they promptly delivered on all their promises and exceeded my expectations. I would most definitely suggest Isha to the people I know.”

Mr. Nagendra Babu – Joint Venture Customer

“I’m very happy to have decided on Isha and we maintain a smooth and cordial relationship even today. The entire documentation process was transparent and everything was so hassle-free. All commitments were honored and I would readily recommend Isha to everyone.”

Mr. Ramesh – Home owner

“Though it has been four years since I booked a flat with Isha Homes I can tell you confidently that they have been highly consistent in their customer service which is one of the best in the industry.”

Mr. Krishnaswamy – Home owner

“I booked a flat with Isha in the year 2006. Right from the quality of construction to the ambience, everything has worked out to our satisfaction. The maintenance has been good both before and after sales, and continues till date.”

Mr. Anand – Home owner

“Priding themselves on being a customer-centric organization the staff at Isha are very courteous, friendly and more than willing to extend their help and support at all times. Their high quality standards and professionalism need special mention.”

Mr. Girish – Home owner

“I’m a repeat customer of Isha I bought my second home also with Isha because of the unshakeable confidence I had in their high quality standards and personalized customer service. Since I am an NRI, most of the briefings and dealings with Isha were done over the phone and I was delighted with their timely and quick response. Though I was many miles away, I felt secure in the knowledge that Isha would stick to their commitments and they proved me right, every time.”

Mr. Kiran – Home owner

“The main reason why I decided on Isha Homes for my first home was the fact that Mr. Suresh is extremely approachable and the overall service is beyond satisfactory. We got whatever we requested and I’m really happy to be a proud owner of an Isha Homes.”

Mr. Swaminathan Ramamurthy – Home owner

“I can proudly say that my entire family can be called the Isha family since we all have homes with Isha. We really appreciate and value their service excellence and the 100% commitment to delivering on their promises with absolutely no compromise on quality.”

Mrs. Suman Devraj – Home owner – Villa 85

“My dream home turned out to be much better than what I had imagined it to be! As a proud owner of a luxurious Isha Signature Villa I have won the admiration of all my friends and relatives who are impressed by my home and its world-class features. Dreams come true at Isha.”

Mr. Pradeep Kumar – Home owner – Villa 32

“When we compare our villa now to what we had seen in the brochure at the time of booking we realize why Isha has won numerous accolades for always delivering on their promises. I can say that there are absolutely no deviations and that they have effectively incorporated all the features and facilities that were promised in the brochure. They truly build homes with a heart.”

Mr. R. Sathiyamoorthy – Home owner – Villa 70

“The safety and security Isha Homes offers in terms of the video surveillance or the electric fence makes us residents feel safe and secure. Not only are there world class facilities, Isha Homes also takes good care in maintaining them. Another reason why I am really pleased with Isha Homes is their strict adherence to delivery deadlines.”